Born and raised in Barcelona, Estel Cervantes is a fashion and jewelry designer based in Paris.


From an early age, she manifested a particular sensibility for art and culture, and an eagerness to learn and discover new things. During high school, she stood out in science, but she felt more attracted to fashion. 


She enrolled in a Pattern-making program to learn the fundamentals of the textile and clothing industry, which she complemented with Tailoring and Draping trainings, as well as a Jewelry course.


After acquiring internship and work experience, she decided to pursue her career as a designer and moved to Paris, to study at the prestigious school of Esmod. Once graduated, she stayed in the French capital, where she can fully devote to her passions - Fashion, Jewelry and Art.


Always in constant learning, she continues to develop her creativity through silversmithing, sculpting and painting workshops.


Her major sources of inspiration are travelling and art, together with ballet, which she practiced for more than twelve years and has greatly influenced her aesthetics and work.

Estel is increasingly concerned about sustainability and ethical practices, and her projects underlie her reflections on society and the world today.


Estel Cervantes

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